Twenty-five do it yourself homemade Pull Up bar links I found for your CrossFit garage gym.

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I was up early this morning and was thinking about building an outdoor pull-up/ring station and began a search on google. After about an hour I had compiled this list of instructions and videos to help in my quest. The links below range from good to ridiculous and everywhere in between (Some are just plain dangerous). I have not tried any of the designs and recommend you use your head before using any of them. After reviewing the list, my best suggestion is that if you suck at building stuff or your unsure about those abilities at all, you might want to buy a bar from a company. 

If and when I decide to build my own, I’m gonna make sure it’s very sturdy, uses a lot of metal and more than likely uses welds to hold the thing together (I’m not a welder, I’ll have to hire someone). I might even try the stuff made by speed rail, but haven’t decided yet.

Anyway if you’re Mr. Build it, some of these links might help, while others will make you laugh and wonder how long it was until someone ended up in the hospital.


Now to the List! 

1.  - Halfway down page. 


 3. Video Instructions Youtube -


4. Another Video on YouTube -




6.  Written instructions, very basic and really no photos -






9.  PVC and Rope – Scary stuff -


10. Another post with no photos and just a description. Kind of useless if you ask me.


11. This post just seems odd, tell me what you think.


12. Ehow directions – Ridiculous because they are so generic with no photos.


13. Just some picks of one using rope and one attached to the ceiling.


14. Unique doorway design with pipe -


15. Another pipe bar -


16. Wow this looks like an accident waiting to happen. The curved posts bolted to the tree look like the aluminum extensions from my ladder (Video).


17. A descriptive video using pipe from Home Depot, he even shows a receipt


18. A basic idea with questions from the guy wanting to build it.


19. A simple design using wood and a pipe with drawings -


20. Yet another pipe model -


21. This one seems to use speedrail – which is a pretty cool idea – one of my favorites on this list.


22. What seems to be a very sturdy backyard contraption -


23. Do not try this – This is just plain dumb and dangerous -


24. A pipe bar again but installed on a back deck -


25.  Looks very sturdy, but the cross bar could prevent any swinging (Kipping) -

Here are some additional links you might be interested in.


If you're having trouble with your pull-ups, I found this. I haven't tried it, but its worth a look. Pull-Up Challenge

If you want to lift heavy stuff, here is some Deadlift help, once again haven't tried it, but it could be worth a shot. Deadlift Dynamite 

 Tabata songs for your Tabata WOD's - Tabata Songs

Well that’s it. I went about four pages back on my Google search and this is what I came up with. It is by no means an exhaustive list on the subject. In fact I excluded some links that only contained instructions and no photos because they were boring and said nothing of value.

If you have any other links I’d love to post them, especially any bars that were welded. Please use common sense if you try any of these plans, because I have not tried them and don’t recommend any of them. Try at your own risk.

* Disclosure Per FCC You need to know that certain links from this article are to affiliate products for sale. What that means is that if you click on the link and later purchase a product from the site I could get paid. You can read a more in depth disclosure here if need be. So why would I tell you this? Well first it’s the law, second it’s the right thing to do and third I ain’t got nothing to hide. Since this site don’t pay the bills by itself, I figure providing a link to product you might want could benefits both of us. 

** I Have Not reviewed or used the products associated with the links on this page nor do I endorse them, they are for search convenience only, please do your own research before making any purchases. 

See you in the hills.


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