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Path at the end of Grand in the FINS parking lot along the boardwalk to the Butterfly Grove, up HWY 1 and back up Grand a bit.

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I've never been really lean, it's always been a struggle. getting down to a small waist has always meant losing muscle for me. Gaining size is no issue, it's just that when I pound the food, fat quickly follows. If you look at my bio, you can see that I have had a problem with weight in the past, and to get it off, paleo/primal has been my rock.

Recently I tried Advocare, (for the blog - article soon). When going down that path, I had hoped Advocare would be a magic bullet, that would get me to that extra level of lean I have always wanted. Sadly, Advocare was not the answer, not even close.

Not wanting to stay with the satus quo, I began Eat To Perform a couple of weeks back. I wanted to bash them today when I looked at myself in the mirror. Gaining nearly two inches on my waist and looking like the stay puff guy in the mirror is not what I was after. I wanted to bash them bad, but after reviewing myfitness pal food log, and what I ate during my rest days the past two weeks, I find the fault with me, not their program.

*Note to self - You won't get where you want to be doing what you just did! #bilderz #plutoniumblack

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Photos provided fitmom40.com - Copyright 2015

April Sherman defines what it is to be fit over 40. There are many people out there that will spew advice, peddle products and give second hand advice. Then there are others that live what they preach. The owner of fitmom40.com, an avid adventure racer, mom, wife, and all around fire breather, was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about what to expect for my first Spartan Race coming up in June.

I am a firm believer in getting advice from a reputable source. If you live it, eat it and breath it, I’ll listen. In fact I will actively seek out those that are successful in their niche.

My reasoning is simple; you can’t know everything and instead of going through your own trial and error, use what other experts have learned from their own personal experiences, to help you excel in your endeavors.

When it comes to adventure racing, April is that source. If you have read any of my posts on G+, or bilderz.com you will know that I am making an effort to change focus in my yearly goal setting and have broadened my horizons to include at least one or two adventure races this next year.

Even though I’ve run numerous races in the past, the Spartan and the eight plus mile distance is new to me. I hate being un-prepared, so these are the questions I had, so thought I’d share. If you are new to adventure racing or want to move up your game a bit, read on.  

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We are actively training for the upcoming Spartan Race in June. This past week at the Bilderz Beach Fitness proving grounds, we began to move toward what we may encounter during the race, this included rope climbs. Needless to say, the change in direction has left me pretty sore.

Since running is not my thing, we have been doing longer runs on the weekend, apart from the usual training to build some longer distance endurance. Today was a burden run with a 30# slam ball in the dunes. It was not a long run and there were only three of us. My initial intent was to just do 9 minutes, but that actually stretched into around 12.

On another note I am into day 15 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge "test". If you have no idea what I am talking about, read some of my other posts or find me on google.com/+Bilderz. Long story short is that I am wondering what results I am getting that I could not get from regular food at this point. I just did a quick weigh in and the loss was marginal two weeks in, only -3lbs. This may be due to water retention, but I don't know at this point.

Cost vs. rewards at this point is not looking that great for Advocare, but we'll see. My energy levels are up (read previous post on google.com/+Bilderz regarding my thoughts why), but I have yet to notice any visual confirmation that what I am doing is working (gut is still flabby).

I'll have alot more to say when the Challenge is complete, but until then I am keeping my mind open.

#Bilderz #PlutoniumBlack

See you one the beach.


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