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Indian Hills CrossFit and Games Open 12.3

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The entire games open has been one big eye opener after another for me. First with 12.1 and the Burpees, then 12.2’s Snatches and of course 12.3’s combination of Box Jumps, Push Presses and Toes to Bar.

Going into the games I knew I had a lot of work to do, but it wasn’t until I completed the first three WODS that I realized how much.

I got my butt kicked, plain and simple and my ego deflated just enough that I’m going to feel it for quite awhile. I knew going in that I wouldn’t be gracing a podium anytime soon, but seriously, my performance (Bottom, very bottom of the World and Southern California leader boards) was pitiful.

I remember when they announced12.3, I thought no problem, I got this. Boy was I wrong.

As before, I set a camera on a tripod to capture my workout. Then I realized there was no way I could I could effectively film the entire WOD. My small gym just wasn’t big enough to capture everything with the lenses I had available.

Luckily I had an offer on the table to let Indian Hills CrossFit validate my workouts if need be.

I had been meaning to visit them for a month or so. A few local guys had made mention of them, in addition to another local affiliate. I had even spoken with one of the owners via e-mail but hadn’t had the time to visit. The problem was that one thing after another had piled on my plate and I just couldn’t find a time to visit.

Now I had to make the time

Most regular readers know my history and how CrossFit changed my life, but did the folks at Indian Hills? Would they be expecting more of me? Did they have the misconception that I was a freak of nature super athlete? Would they be surprised to find out that I was just a normal guy, trying to improve like anyone else?

These thoughts entered my mind and of course I got butterflies. Not only did I want to perform well, but also had a blog to represent.

On occasion people have been surprised that I’m not all that and a bag of Cheetos. They incorrectly think that because I write a fitness blog, I can do all, and know all. Surprise, I can’t and I don’t.


Butterflies in check, I arrived and met Rryan one of the owners. Then I waited, shooting some photos while I watched him coach a class in progress.

As I stood there taking photos I realized that Indian Hills was very well equipped, which shocked me because it was so new. I noticed a lot of familiar Rogue gear, Concept Rowers, and a well-stocked selection of bars, bumpers etc. as well.

The building while not huge, is larger than what you’d might expect with a new affiliate. Well organized and clean was another thought that came to mind. As I continued shooting photos, the other owner Daniel walked in and we struck up a conversation. Sometime during our talk he informed me that they were already moving to a larger facility.

WOW! They had only been open since January and they were already busting at the seams and needed to move. Awesome!

My attempt.

As the first class wound down, the butterflies kicked in again. Gary one of my friends, who gets involved with a bunch of my projects stopped by, and of course volunteered to shoot a few photos of my workout.

While I waited, this very tall guy walks in (Brandon is 6’8, I think he said) happy as can be and says he’s doing 12.3 to. Cool! At least I wasn’t the only one.

Of course there was a warm up first, then instruction on the 12.3 standards. With that complete I was ready.

I started with all the confidence in the world.

The first round was OK, but as I started the second round I couldn’t catch my breath.

During the Box Jumps I began breathing pretty hard (when I begin to breath hard, which is usually pretty soon into a WOD, I’m done). Soon I was bent at the waist, sucking wind as I rested on top of the box. I guarantee had they grabbed me by the ankles they could have used me as a vacuum.

During my WOD, Rryan gave me encouragement, and instruction. The kind I needed, when I needed it. At one point I remember looking over as the other competitor slowly pulled ahead in reps and me wishing I could do more, but my lungs just wouldn’t let me. I wanted to quit. Yet Rryan’s encouragement kept me going.

There wasn’t much Rryan could do about my lack of air, but when I began to struggle on the push-presses he gave me tips on how to get the weight up.

I still remember, “Use your legs more” one of the things I obviously wasn’t doing. I liked his approach to coaching; it was direct, non-abrasive and encouraging.

After I finished with a massive score of 166, I expected to hear some sort of judgment about my poor performance. In my mind I figured Rryan would think, “Seriously? This guy runs a fitness blog, he sucks big time. Why would he ever compete in the Open?”

But I didn’t get that; I got more encouragement, even a “Great Workout” and a “We’d love to have you come down anytime you want”.

I know I say this a lot, but I really felt comfortable and welcome, like I was already part of their CrossFit family.

Pity Party

On the drive home I thought to myself “You suck”! Maybe you should just open a website called CrossFat and talk about bad food and how much crap you eat. It would be more up your alley, you can sit and play video games all day and eat lots of donuts. Because god knows that after two years of CrossFit, you’re still lacking.

Woe is I!

My pity party was short lived though. I realized I sucked because I obviously hadn’t trained hard or smart enough.

So I decided that things were going to change. Sure I reached my first goal of weight loss, but now it was time to set a new goal. That goal would be to smash all of my 2012 Games Open scores, and not be at the bottom of the Leader Board in 2013. (Train For the Games)

In closing

I liked the coaching approach at Indian Hills CrossFit, plain and simple. I’m not into the yelling and screaming type of coaching. I received great instruction my entire WOD; I received no judgment, but instead received a bunch encouragement.

A day or so later as I sat and thought about my future goal and how to achieve it, I decided I needed some serious help in the endurance department. Being a FaceBook fanatic, I chose to test our new business page by posting a running/endurance question.

What shocked me was that even though our FaceBook page is only a few weeks old and isn’t well known, I got an answer. (Our Bilderz.com FaceBook Page, also click on the app "Train For the Games"

It was from Rryan! Dang, I had just visited Indian Hills and he’d already made himself a fan of our page, cool, very cool. He answered my questions and gave me some advice (which I’ve already incorporated into my training). The Facebook interaction was great and it showed that Rryan and Indian Hills CrossFit really care.

Sure I have a long way to go, and my goal is a pretty tall order, but luckily I have one more source of great coaching and information available, thanks to Indian Hills CrossFit.

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend giving them a visit.
You can visit them online at Indian Hills CrossFit  or their Facebook Page

See you in the hills or at Indian Hills CrossFit.



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